Daily Giz Wiz 191: Cardo Scala-700

Episode 191 of the podcast

Cardo Scala-700
Subject: Review of Cardo Scala-700
Released:Monday 13 November 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

The Cardo Scala-700 bluetooth headset has some unique features for a remarkably low price.

Detailed information

The Scala 700 is a bluetooth noise reduction headset with a headset locator, so it doesn't get lost, a battery status indicator, and a switching function between 2 bluetooth phones.


In preparation for the upcoming 200th Episode, Leo has sent Dick a bunch of old batteries back from the TechTV days.  Something to look forward to.

It's a watch.  It's not a watch.

Another listener Spready wrote in to chastise Dick, saying that the Garmin Forerunner 305 (Episode 169) is a watch.

No more Scottish accent

Mark Longo from Chicago was listening in bed to DGW when Leo started singing a Scottish rendition of the letters jingle (Episode 173).  He burst out laughing and woke up his fiancee.  No more Scottish jingle please!

Mad Minute

Great news from Dick and Sara.

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