Daily Giz Wiz 856: Contigo Water Bottles

Episode 856 of the podcast

Contigo Water Bottles
Subject: Review of Contigo Water Bottles
Released:Monday 22 June 2009
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

Never spill your drink again with a Contigo Water Bottle.

Detailed information

A listener Jeff Vento remembers that Dick loved his Pur Flavor Options Pitcher (Episode 788), and ordered a 3-pack of these Contigo Water Bottles for Dick to try out.  Contigo makes beverage containers, such as water bottles, travel mugs and vacuum cups, with adult and kid sizes.  All Contigo containers use its Autoseal technology.  Pressing a trigger on the lid not only unlocks the spout, but also releases a valve or air vent at the back of the lid, which makes the beverage flow out smoothly instead of pouring out in stuttered torrents.  Releasing the trigger automatically seals the spout and air vent, making the container spill-proof.

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As is Leo's wont, he was dismissive at first of the simple technology but as soon as he learns that the beverage pours smoothly, Leo orders a Contigo stainless steel coffee mug from Amazon.  Here's a demo of the Hydration Bottles, all BPA free.

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TWiT Policy on Free Gifts

Dick wants to know If TWiT has a policy on show hosts accepting free gifts.  It's 10% of whatever Leo pays him.  "That's a thin mint, a tic tac," Dick queries.  That doesn't work, so Leo decides that as long as it's free, Dick has Leo's permission.

Donation Button for Dick

There is none.  But you can go to MakeMeMad, and order stuff from Dick to help him pay for the Gadget Warehouse at Sofia Brothers.

From Generous Fans

Leo has talked about his TWiT mats a number of times now.  After the recording of this episode, Leo shows off the non-slip rubber TWiT Mat given to him by a TWiT fan, and an embroidered mat from another fan.

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