Daily Giz Wiz 171: Verticon

Episode 171 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Verticon
Released:Monday 16 October 2006
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

A cross between Rockem Sockem Robots and Quidditch. Wild Planet's Verticon is airborne head to head combat between ping pong balls armed to the teeth - and great fun!

Detailed information

A game designed by Wild Planet for mid-air combat.  The combatants are the coloured balls (with their own "weapons").  You and your opponent each choose your own colours, start the game, and a stream of air will come out from the game stand.  The ball that gets knocked outside the air stream and consequently falls to the ground loses.

It's best to see Verticon in action.  Watch Dick's demonstration on Call For Help Episode 448 on Google Video.  Start at about 9 min 55 sec into the show.

After the demo on Call For Help, Leo's technical assistant/grippe Mike loved it so much that he kept it for himself, even though Leo wanted to give it to his son Henry.


First email from Luxembourg - Graham says love the show.  Dick says half of Luxembourg listens to DGW.

Robert Fernandez wrote from the Philippines, introducing the PAM, a pedometer, but distribution of the product in the States has been stopped.

Mad Minute

News, or History Repeats Itself.

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