Daily Giz Wiz 205: Logitech Keycase Keyboard

Episode 205 of the podcast

Logitech Keycase Keyboard
Subject: Review of Logitech Keycase Keyboard
Released:Friday 1 December 2006
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0205.mp3 (7.6 MB)

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Short info

This keyboard for the Palm Pilot rolls up, because it's made of fabric! It's the Logitech Keycase Keyboard.

Detailed information

A portable keyboard that wrapped around the Palm Pilot as a protective case, and opened up as a keyboard.  Came with a cradle/dock to stand the PDA upright.

Ditch Leo!

Listener Will D. says, Leo is dragging you down.  Ditch him!  Bostitch, the maker of the Hurriquake Nail (Episode 193) was originally called Boston Wire Sitcher Company.

The hardest part of putting Mad together

Once on 20/20, the Mad cast were asked what was the hardest part of putting Mad together.  Dick had a special answer for them.

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