Daily Giz Wiz 204: Picooz Indoor Helicopter

Episode 204 of the podcast

Picooz Indoor Helicopter
Subject: Review of Picooz Indoor Helicopter
Released:Thursday 30 November 2006
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0204.mp3 (7.8 MB)

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Short info

PicooZ, PiccoZ, PizzoC, whatever you call it (and the manufacturer can't seem to make up its mind), it's still the world's smallest RC Indoor Helicopter.

Detailed information

Billed as the world's smallest and lightest flying helicopter, this little chopper is made of very light-weight polypropylene, with remote control.  Variously spelled as PicooZ, Picoo Z, PiccoZ, PiccoZ, PicoZ, Pico Z and Pizo Z.  Leo describes the spelling as an enigma wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by a mystery and overlaid with a thick glove of gravy.

Half Century

For his 50th, Leo was taken to lunch by friends, and had dinner with his wife and family.  No French Laundry then?  Leo did buy himself a 50" Plasma HDTV.  Dick for his 40th bought himself another set of Lionel trains.

30th Anniversary

In about 2 weeks' time, Leo will also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of getting his radio licence.

OpenX Packaging

A listener from Rexton, Canada writes in to say the postal package delivering OpenX (Episode 164) could do with an OpenX to open it.
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