Daily Giz Wiz 237: mStation 2.1 Tower

Episode 237 of the podcast

mStation 2.1 Tower
Subject: Review of mStation 2.1 Tower
Released:Tuesday 30 January 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the table Tuesday and Leo's singing the praises of his new iPod speakers, the mStation 2.1 Tower.

Detailed information

The mStation Tower is about 43" tall and 14" wide, has a subwoofer and 2 stereo speakers, a remote control, and naturally, a dock for the iPod.  Leo knows he can't go wrong with this gadget as Dick has recommended the Orb (Episode 184) before, from the same manufacturer.


The Earthquake Audio subwoofer in Episode 226 reminds Ben of a speaker from Bang & Olufsen, which, though small, was so powerful that it would bouce off the floor when in use and left free standing.  Dick in turn reminisces about the Altec Lansing Voice of the Theatre speaker system (Episode 137).

Leo on Regis

Leo is on Regis today; the subject is TV.  He will be showing the Sharp 108" LCD TV (Episode 228).  Tomorrow is gadgets for computers.

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