Daily Giz Wiz 184: m-station

Episode 184 of the podcast

Subject: Review of m-station
Released:Thursday 2 November 2006
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0184.mp3 (9.3 MB)

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Short info

It's a bowling ball, it's speakers, it's... m-station. The iPod speakers that look like a bowling ball!

Detailed information

The mStation Orb is a mere 8" in diameter and a 2.1 stereo system with docking station for the iPod.  The iPod sits on top.  The mid and high speakers face forward, while the subwoofer faces backward.  The remote control duplicates the controls on the iPod itself, with additonal controls for bass and treble.  It comes with 6 inserts for all iPods, and a cable for connecting the Shuffle or other MP3 players.  Operates on AC only.  Very decent sound.

Bill Gaines Stories

Hear stories about Bill Gaines, his brush with Playboy's lawyers, his connection with an animal charity in Georgia (through Dick), a wedding anniversary dinner, and a fan letter after his death.

Mad Genius

Gaines always said the genius of Mad was the artists and writers.  He just provided the environment in which they could thrive.

Senseo Supreme

After listening to Episode 163, Gnip Gnop recommends the website www.coffeegeek.com, which has its own podcast too.

TWiT on Life Support

Leo explains the frustration he had last week, when he threatened in his blog that TWiT might be on life support, when no one showed up for TWiT, its weekly flagship podcast.  Of course, Dick always does, and is never late.

Mad Minute

A new episode of Degenerate Hospital.

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