Daily Giz Wiz 250: Sony Video Walkman

Episode 250 of the podcast

Sony Video Walkman
Subject: Review of Sony Video Walkman
Released:Friday 16 February 2007
Length:about 8 minutes
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Short info

From the gadget warehouse: Sony's video walkman was big and clunky, but it was portable. We've come a long way baby.

Detailed information

This is the first Gadget Warehouse Friday recorded live in Dick's Gadget Warehouse.  For production trivia relating to this episode, read InsideTwiT's blog.
The Sony Video Walkman played and recorded on Hi8 tapes and had a 4" colour LCD screen.  Dick's model was the GV-S50.  Back in those days, Sony even released films on Hi8 tapes.  Dick's collection included Ground Hog Day, Falling Down, A Few Good Men, and Crying Game.

Crosley Disc Brakes

Episode 229 on the Crosley Songwriter CD Burner reminds Jeff from Knoxville, Tennessee of the Crosley Disc Brakes.  LOL

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