Daily Giz Wiz 152: New iPods

Episode 152 of the podcast

New iPods
Subject: Review of New iPods
Released:Tuesday 19 September 2006
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

On turn the tables Tuesday, Leo reviews the new iPods.

Detailed information

New iPods
Leo was at the Apple Showtime Event on 12 September 2006.  The iPod video gets a brighter screen and games.  2nd gen iPod nano, with colours like the old iPod mini.  A new tiny iPod ShuffleMovies downloads from the iTunes Music Store (now just called the iTunes Store).  A new version of iTunes to play those movies and to give you gapless album play.

Streaming to your TV
And lastly, the iTV which will come out in 2007 (and renamed as the Apple TV).

iPod Toilet Rolls

Steve Jobs at the Showtime Event said that some manufacturer had done a toilet roll with an iPod dock.  See Episode 186.

DGW Commercials

Folks from the UK are aghast at the idea of Leo doing the commercials himself in the middle of the shows.

Gadget Tragic

Richard Reid from Brisbane, Australia describes himself as a "gadget tragic".  The only thing that stands between him and some LED-festooned piece of garbage is his marriage.  He used to be an early adopter.  His adoptions included the Apple Newton, the Zip Drive, the Jaz Drive, the Psion PDA, the Cassiopeia PDA, the Polaroid FX70.

Farewell, Amber

Amber has taped her last Call For Help episodes and is moving on to the City TV Network in Canada.

Longest Show

At 23:57, this DGW has broken the previous record of Episode 149, and has made Dick completely bereft.

Mad Minute

A repeat of the commercial from Alfco's new tax accountants.

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