Daily Giz Wiz 266: Wowee Robosapien V2

Episode 266 of the podcast

Wowee Robosapien V2
Subject: Review of Wowee Robosapien V2
Released:Monday 12 March 2007
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0266.mp3 (8.9 MB)

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Short info

Wowee's Robosapien V2 takes a big leap forward.

Detailed information

Link: Robosapien V2

The 2nd generation of WowWee's RobosapienV2 has articulated arms, shoulders, hands and feet, with infrared vision sensor, colour camera sensor, grip sensor and sonic sensor.  He can speak, dance, bowl and track objects.

Robosapien V2 Demo
[play video]

Japanese Robotics

Leo has just done an interview with a professor at CALIT2 (California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology), Dr Larry Smarr, who says Japan is way ahead of the US in robotics, and the Japanese are far more comfortable with the idea of robots.  That interview appears in Episode 15 of Futures In Biotech: The SuperNet.

$100 Ads

Leo is backtracking on the $100 ads on DGW.  He wants more.

A Cue for the Letters Jingle

Ken from Denver is sometimes taken aback by the Letters Jingle's sudden entry and thinks that it needs a cue, and suggests a jingle to introduce the Letters Jingle.  "Here comes the jingle, the lovely jingle, here comes the letters jingle now."

Mad Minutes

Leo is still sorting out the Mad Minutes and is not yet happy with the sound quality.

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