Daily Giz Wiz 413: Squawkers McCaw

Episode 413 of the podcast

Squawkers McCaw
Subject: Review of Squawkers McCaw
Released:Wednesday 3 October 2007
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Teach an electronic parrot to talk with Squawkers McCaw.

Detailed information

From Hasbro, the makers of Sound Bites, the March '07 What The Heck Is It (Episode 281), Squawkers McCaw, one of the Furreal Friends, is a talking parrot which can "learn" the messages you teach it.  The remote control can activate recorded messages.  You can even train it to respond in a certain way to a particular voice command.  The favourite day of DGW for Dick's Squawkers McCaw is Warehouse Friday, and his favourite gadget is the Toothpick Bird.

Match Game Special

Jacob stumbled upon the Match Game Special on TV (The Real Match Game Story: Behind the Blank) and realised for the first time that Dick saved the show.  He thinks it should be in the Smithsonian.

Match Game Questions

Dick has dug out his box of Match Game Questions from the Gadget Warehouse (which he first talked about in Episode 35).  After his success with the GizWiz Caps and Inka Pens, Dick has decided that fans can have their own set of 3 original Match Game Questions on index cards for $19.99, with a free autographed copy of Mad.  Details at www.matchgamequestions.com.  You can see Dick's Match Game "residuals" cheques there.  For the story about those cheques, go to Episode 117.

Jayne Mansfield

Dick is reminded by Audrey Davis (one of the stage managers of Match Game) talking on the Match Game Special of a story about Jayne Mansfield.  Or listen to an even funnier version in Episode 98.

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