Daily Giz Wiz 286: Emergency Dog Survival Kit

Episode 286 of the podcast

Emergency Dog Survival Kit
Subject: Review of Emergency Dog Survival Kit
Released:Monday 9 April 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0286.mp3 (8.4 MB)

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Short info

Protect your dog or cat with the Emergency Dog (or cat) Survival Kit.

Detailed information

Carrying on with Dick's pet theme, this emergency kit from Pet Gadgets has enough to take care of your dogs' needs (up to 2 dogs) in case of an emergency.

Totino's Output

Eric, the reliability engineer at General Mills, apologised for getting Dick and Leo's hopes up.  He tried but the advertising people just don't understand pocasting.
According to him Totino produces 18,000 pizza rolls a minute and 300 million a year.  It has been making pizza rolls at 99 cents each for 25 years.

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