Daily Giz Wiz 307: Nokia N95 Cell Phone

Episode 307 of the podcast

Nokia N95 Cell Phone
Subject: Review of Nokia N95 Cell Phone
Released:Tuesday 8 May 2007
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews his new, favorite, cell phone, the Nokia N95.

Detailed information

A successor to the N93 (Episode 172), the Nokia N95 does just about everything.  It operates on the Symbian OS.  5MP CMOS-sensor camera, Carl Zeiss lens, 640 x 480 30fps video, 160MB internal memory, tri-band GSM, international 3G (not the US 3G frequency), built-in GPS, FM radio, plays music and video, Java and Symbian applications.  Skype works on it too.  Bluetooth, USB2, Wifi b/g.

TTTT Jingle

George Wood has written a fun jingle for TTTT !!  Now finally, with Mark Blasco's DGW Opening Theme, the TTTT jingle and Paul Minshall's Gravy Jingle, Dick and Leo might have got something going for the show.


Not everyone in Maryland works for the NSA, writes John Kobe.

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