Daily Giz Wiz 317: Epson R2440

Episode 317 of the podcast

Epson R2440
Subject: Review of Epson R2440
Released:Tuesday 22 May 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews an excellent the high-end Epson R2400 printer.

Detailed information

Leo has been using the Epson PictureMate, but wants to get a more professional printer for large format prints for his wife who is a very good photographer.  The Stylus Photo R2400 uses 9 ink cartridges, and prints produced with the use of archival ink and paper can last up to 200 years.  It prints up to 13" x 19" borderless printing.

CED Players

A listener Matt writes in about the CED Players.  Leo explains this was the RCA Selectavision discs that they talked about in Episdoe 277.

Brannock Device

Leo was at a shoes store the other day and he bored the store lady to tears with the history of the Brannock Device (Episode 255).

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