Daily Giz Wiz 323: Stickyyard

Episode 323 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Stickyyard
Released:Wednesday 30 May 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

Stickyard makes taking the measure of the items in a photo a snap.

Detailed information

From the recent Hardware Show, the Sticky Yard enables you to take real world measurements from a photograph.  It's a modern-day yardstick.
It comes with 2 yardsticks,or yard tapes, one is adhesive (re-usable), and one is magnetic.  Stick the tape on to any object the dimensions of which you want to measure, take a photo of the object.  Load the image into the Sticky Yard software on the computer, click one end of the tape, then the next, to scale the measurement first.  Then click the ends of any dimensions you want to measure on the photo, and the measurements will appear on the photo.  You can also save the visual measurements on to the photo itself.

There's also a Sticky Meter, but the software can convert between imperial and metric measurements anyway.  For smaller objects, you can buy the Sticky 6 or Sticky 20 tapes (6 and 20 inches long).

Naturally there are precautions to take when taking the photo.  The line from the camera to the object should be perpendicular to the plane of the dimension you want to measure, and avoid wide or zoom angles which may distort the image.  But otherwise, the measurements are fairly accurate.

Garage Sale

Jim Kohnman tells Leo there's no need to hold his upcoming garage sale.  He'll buy everything off Leo for $1 each.

Leo's New Dog

Leo has acquired a new dog and he'll tell Dick about it, but he's worried that Dick might get cross.

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