Daily Giz Wiz 397: CEntrance MicPort Pro

Episode 397 of the podcast

CEntrance MicPort Pro
Subject: Review of CEntrance MicPort Pro
Released:Tuesday 11 September 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0397.mp3 (7.1 MB)

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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews the CEntrance MicPort Pro, a great way to use pro mics with a USB port.

Detailed information

After the Marky Sparky toys, Leo gets another heads-up from Dick with this gadget.
The MicPort Pro acts as a mic preamp for your professional microphone and provides a USB interface to connect to your computer.  One end has an XLR port for your mic, and the other end has a USB port to connect to the computer via a USB cable.
It has a 1/8" headphones jack, and volume control buttons for the mic and headphones.  USB-powered.  Ideal for mobile podcasters and musicians.

Confusion over the Great Gildersleeve

Tom, or Chuck, points out that the particular voice that Leo was looking for was not that of Harold Peary in The Great Gildersleeve (Episode 382), but Frank Nelson.  Leo plays a sound clip of Frank Nelson saying "Y-e-e-e-s".
InsideDGW writes in about the Free Old Time Radio Shows website where you can hear many old radiio shows including the Great Gildersleeve.

Confusion over the GEC Chimes

It remains unsettled whether the G-E-C chimes of NBC had anything to do with General Electric Company (Episode 377), despite Wikipedia.  Leo thinks his NBC engineer is a more authoritative source.

Leo is Wrong

So many people are saying Leo is wrong that Dick and Leo think there should be another jingle for it.

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