Daily Giz Wiz 443: Cyberlink Youcam

Episode 443 of the podcast

Cyberlink Youcam
Subject: Review of Cyberlink Youcam
Released:Wednesday 14 November 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0443.mp3 (6.3 MB)

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Short info

Add effects to your web cam chats with the CyberLink YouCam.

Detailed information

Cyberlink's YouCam software gives you fun effects for your webcam video.  Load the software while the webcam is on, and just click a button on a panel to choose the special effect you want.  Many effects to choose from (and new ones can be downloaded from Cyberlink's website), including flying geese, flying balloons, smacking lips, knockout, happy birthday, confetti shower.

You can apply the effects while recording a video, or during a IM video chat (supporting Skype, Yahoo, Windows Live and AOL Instant Messenger).  You can also apply the effects to still photos taken with the webcam, Photo Booth style.

Dick has done a demo video of YouCam.  Watch it here.

[play video]

Dodging the Bullet

Dick and Leo pat each other on the back for not getting Totino's sponsorship, after its recent E. coli recall (USA Today report).

Archos 605

Dick rereads Keith's letter about the Archos 605 and its recent podcast management software (Episode 438).  Dick finds comfort in listeners' satisfaction with his recommendations, but is still getting hate mail for Squawkers McCaw (Episode 413).

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