Daily Giz Wiz 436: Backup Pal

Episode 436 of the podcast

Backup Pal
Subject: Review of Backup Pal
Released:Monday 5 November 2007
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0436.mp3 (8.7 MB)

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Short info

Backup the contents of your cell phone or copy it to another phone with Backup Pal.

Detailed information

The Backup Pal is a backup device for your cellphone contacts.  Just connect the cellphone via an adapter/tip specific to your cellphone, press and hold the "BACKUP" button on the device, and your contacts on your phone memory and on the SIM card (where applicable) will be backed up and saved in the flash memory of the Backup Pal.  The saved contacts can be restored to the same phone, or to a different phone (provided it's a supported model and you have the adapter/tip for it), by pressing the "RESTORE TO PHONE" button.  However, it can store the contacts for one phone only.  A multi-phone model is being promised, presumably at a higher price, if it does come.  At the moment, only specific models of Nokia, Motorola and Samsung cellphones are supported.

What is also being promised is a PC Connectivity Kit which will connect the device to the PC for editing and printing (Windows only).  Smartphones (Blackberry, Treo, Pocket PC) are not supported but are again in the works.

A similar product covered by Dick a long time ago is the Cellstik (Episode 27) which has similar functions (and limitations).  Dick explains on the show that an adapter/tip he has been waiting for from Cellstik has yet to be made.  Whether the Backup Pal will suffer the same fate remains to be seen.

Festive Letters Jingle is Back

Will Cool from Portland, Oregon who on the last occasion was dreaming about an in-sink garbage power shredder (Episode 226), is waiting for the Festive Letters Jingle and asks when the holiday season officially begins.  NOW, says Leo - the first Monday of November.

GizWizBiz USB Smart Button

Dick saw this gadget at a trade show which is produced in bulk with your own customised logo.  Plug it into a USB port and the LEDs will light up and change colours.  Press the button and it will take you directly to Dick's website.  Selling for $17.99 plus postage.  Check out Dick's video on MySpace.

WTHII October '07

It's the Tiger Taco, for keeping cardboard carton flaps in place and under control.  Ideal for unpacking.  Available in steel or plastic.  Hundreds of entries this time and over a hundred people said it was a taco holder.  One said it was Pacman hit by a truck.

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