Daily Giz Wiz 476: The Handler

Episode 476 of the podcast

The Handler
Subject: Review of The Handler
Released:Monday 7 January 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Keep your hands off dirty public surfaces by using The Handler instead.

Detailed information

The Handler

The Handler is essentially a hook to avoid contact with door handles.  Capable of 60 lbs of pull, the hook of the handler is made of Nano Slivers which kills the most common types of germs.


Howie Mandel is one of those, and when Dick first met him, they shook hands by knocking closed knuckles.  Another Howard, Howard Hughes, was famous for his fear of germs.

Old Time Candy

Tony Devito writes in, not about gadgets, but about Old Time Candy.  Leo knows about the website and thinks he may have talked about it on Munchcast with Cammy Blackstone.  In fact, it was Dick and Leo themselves who talked about it, at the start of Episode 308.

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