Daily Giz Wiz 477: Qipit

Episode 477 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Qipit
Released:Tuesday 8 January 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
Download file:dgw0477.mp3 (5.3 MB)

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Short info

Save your whiteboard notes using your camera phone and the Qipit website.

Detailed information

Qipit is a service provided by RealEyes3D that allows you to take a picture of your notes (on paper, on a whiteboard) or any reading material (such as a newspaper and magazine), upload it via email or even fax to the website which will clean up the picture for better reading and convert it into a PDF document.

To use the service, you have to be situated in an eligible country (such as the US, most of Europe, Japan and India), have a compatible mobile phone or digital camera, and create an account with the website.

You can see some examples of the conversions done by Qipit on the Qipit blog - which by the way has just featured this episode of DGW, given a very good introduction of Leo and TWiT, and of Dick.  They've also confirmed that Qipit is pronounced "Kwip-It".

Gadgets in Conjunction

Burk Wolder puts his Startech AV Switch (Episode 221), together with a Motorola bluetooth receiver and a Kyocera bluetooth dongle, to connect his iPod to his home stereo, which allows him to control the audio playing via the iPod itself, and not through a dock.

He also wants some suggestion from Dick and Leo about what to do with his collection of black spaghetti, the dozens of cables around the house.  The only thing that comes to Dick's mind is the Chargepod (Episode 368), not exactly an cable organiser, but at least it can charge up to 6 devices (with its hot tips) which may cut out some of the cables.

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