Daily Giz Wiz 475: Fellowes Mobile Proximity Alarm

Episode 475 of the podcast

Fellowes Mobile Proximity Alarm
Subject: Review of Fellowes Mobile Proximity Alarm
Released:Friday 4 January 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Fellowes Mobile Proximity Alarm.

Detailed information

From 2003, Fellowes produced the Mobile Proximity Alarm.  It was slim enough to velcro it to a piece of electronics, and you were supposed to keep the main unit in your pocket.  When you got more than 15 feet away from the designated device, the Mobile Proximity Alarm would sound an alert.

Smart Cards

John Decarlo notes, in response to Episode 450 about the Compaq Smart Card Keyboard, that although smart cards were not widely adopted, they were widely touted among many, and adopted by some, companies and campuses.

Totally Crappy E-Cards

Check out Dick's new site for E-cards  By the way, he is still keeping the wacky website from last Christmas, bestholidaywishesfromdickdebartolomadsmaddestwriterandthegizwiz (the name of which Dick probably can't remember), and its later replacement whatthehellisthenameofthatwebsite.

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Tags: Alarm Safety and Security

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