Daily Giz Wiz 487: Meade MySky

Episode 487 of the podcast

Meade MySky
Subject: Review of Meade MySky
Released:Tuesday 22 January 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Detailed information

Similar to Celestron's Skyscout (Episode 2), mySky by Meade has built-in GPS and helps you enjoy looking at the night sky.  You point at a spot in the sky and it will tell you which celestial body you're looking at, with related information in the form of audio, video, still images and text description.  Meade has a page comparing mySky with the Skyscout.

Bill Gaines on TTTT and a Clean-Shaved Dick De

Dick has found a video clip of Bill Gaines appearing on TTTT, To Tell The Truth, not the DGW TTTT.  Thanks to Adam of Game Show Utopia.  It's on YouTube.  Dick is in it as well, right at the end, without a moustache, and holding a card saying "DeBartolo - Writer".  Read this blog on Classic Television Showbiz.  Also check out a previous episode (Episode 72) on Dick's story about Bill Gaines and Kitty Carlisle.

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Mad Crew on 60 Minutes

Toyota Boy has found a clip of a 60 Minutes interview of the Mad crew on YouTube.  In one part of the interview, when asked what was the hardest part of making Mad, Dick said, stapling it together.  After that, Dick got a letter from a stapling company offering its service to Mad.

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