Daily Giz Wiz 494: Meridian Health Vitality GlowCap

Episode 494 of the podcast

Meridian Health Vitality GlowCap
Subject: Review of Meridian Health Vitality GlowCap
Released:Thursday 31 January 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

Track the when and what of your medicine with the Meridian Health Vitality GlowCap.

Detailed information

From Meridian Health, the Vitality GlowCap is a cap for your pill box, which stores information on when you should be taking your medication, and if you miss it, the LED light on the cap will start blinking, and after you've taken you pills, the LED will glow a solid colour.  The cap also tracks what times the cap has been opened, and the information can be sent wirelessly to a doctor, a pharmacy, or a care-giver so that they know when you're running out of medication.

According to the website, the GlowCap can even play a melody or even ring a phone number to remind you to take your medication.  Available later in the year, as part of a subscription service.

This is the third pill-box Dick reviews on DGW, after the Excalibur Rx Master (Episode 7) and Zelco's Aqua Pill Timer (Episode 388).

Priceless Fans

Dick refers to a letter from 12 September 2001, from a loser who calls himself InsideDGW and runs a website at insidedgw.vox.com, which talks about the DGW podcast.  4 months on, Mr Insider is still keeping it up.  Dick and Leo suspect that he is a well known government official who doesn't want people to know that he is spending all this time listening to DGW.  Good use of government funds, Mr Bush.  Such priceless fans.

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