Daily Giz Wiz 388: Aqua Pill Timer

Episode 388 of the podcast

Aqua Pill Timer
Subject: Review of Aqua Pill Timer
Released:Wednesday 29 August 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0388.mp3 (7 MB)

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Short info

A pill timer that comes with its own water, the Aqua Pill Timer.

Detailed information

A pill box with a timer to remind you to take your pill.  A small compartment holding 2 ounces of water allows you, with a built-in straw, to take your medication with some water.  This is the second pillbox gadget introduced by Dick, the first being the Excalibur Rx Master (Episode 7).

Iodine Ice-Cream

Leo has stopped making ice-cream with the Cuisinart Ice-45 (Episode 347) for fear of putting on weight (not a lost cause yet?).  Dick has a solution for Leo.

Audible Trial

Dick is trying Audible out and has been listening to Steve Martin and John Cleese.  Audible supports many devices, including the Digisette (Episode 125).

A Podcast of Enlightenment

Among DGW's audience is Pastor Paul W Newell of Family Fellowship, who listens to DGW while compiling the church bulletin, for a little technological enlightenment.  He has been much amused by the Screenshooter (Episode 375).

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