Daily Giz Wiz 503: Thirsty Light

Episode 503 of the podcast

Thirsty Light
Subject: Review of Thirsty Light
Released:Wednesday 13 February 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Plants keep dying on you? Use the ThirstyLight and you won't have to wonder how much to water them.

Detailed information

Another gardening tool from Dick, after last Friday's RainStick (Episode 500).  You insert the brass probe of the Thirsty Light into the soil of your plant, and its DryPoint digital circuit will test the moisture level once very second.  It can detect 5 levels of dryness, causing the LED light ito blink faster as it gets dryer, alerting you to the need to water your plant.  Powered by two 1.5V Lithium batteries.

Pet Translator

Leo refers to Pet Translators which can tell you if your pet is hungry.  There was a Japanese gadget called Dog Translator (or BowLingual) which could tell you what your dog was thinking.

Headwear for the Teletubby who's into Metal called Clinky-Dinky

Myra, one of the winners of the January '02 WTHII contest for her fun answer, says Leo's guess for the January '02 WTHII contest, a Pickle Puller, was a bit off.  It's a Montana Cinch.

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