Daily Giz Wiz 714: Easy Bloom

Episode 714 of the podcast

Easy Bloom
Subject: Review of Easy Bloom
Released:Thursday 4 December 2008
Length:about 22 minutes
Download file:dgw0714.mp3 (10.2 MB)

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Short info

Find out what to plant in your garden with the USB Easy Bloom.

Detailed information

Insert the EasyBloom into the soil (or for indoor gardening, leave it in the stand), and it will collect relevant soil and environmental data from the surroundings.  Plug it into your computer, and it will give you the analysis you need to select the right plants for your garden, or to save your ailing plant.

The Thirsty Light (Episode 503) only monitors moisture level to tell you whether your plant needs watering.  EasyBloom takes multiple measurements over at least 24 hours of: temperature, light, humidity and soil moisture.  This collected data (which forms your microclimate) is collated with your geographical location (for general conditions), Accuweather database (to make any allowance for out-of-norm readings, if any), to give you recommendations.  Of course the EasyBloom does not claim to analyse the chemical composition of your soil.

You do need to install software on your computer.  Currently supported OS's are Windows XP and Vista, but Mac support will come in January 2009.

The Lady Who Spies

Dick used to have a particularly inquisitive lady neighbour upstairs before his pal Dennis Wonderlin moved in, who monitored Dick's every move when he was out in his own backyard.  One day, he was going to put in some artificial flowers in the backyard and noticed that as usual the lady came to the window to watch him.  Dick had his back turned towards her and pretended he was doing some real gardening when he was just planting in some faux flowers.  Since then, the lady thought that Dick had incredibly green fingers as the flowers were still blooming in the Fall.

From Amazon's PR Division

... comes today's epistle.  Amazon is starting their Frustration Free Packaging.  No more TwistTies, blister packs, OpenXes (Episode 164) or Zibra OpenIts (Episode 496).

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