Daily Giz Wiz 752: Chia Obama

Episode 752 of the podcast

Chia Obama
Subject: Review of Chia Obama
Released:Tuesday 27 January 2009
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

It's time for a ch-ch-ch chia change with the Chia Obama.

Detailed information

Leo got a heads-up from listener John "Sumo" Riopel (siouxmoux on TWiT Army, and geeklinks on Vox) about the ultimate Obama collectible.  From the makers of Chia Pets comes Chia Obama, a terracotta bust of Barack Obama with Chia leaves sprouting from his head.  You can read John Riopel's blog post.  Available on Amazon and drugstore.com, in two poses, the Determined Pose (above) and the Happy Pose (below).  Cheers!

For more information on Chia Pets, see Wikipedia.

In-Ear Earphones Cable Noise
A letter from an old friend, Matthijs from the Netherlands, whose letter was last read way back in Episode 185.  Matthijs notices that Leo is enthusiastic about in-ear headphones (the latest being the Dr Dre Beats in Episode 737).  He thinks it is only fair that listeners should be warned that because this type of earphones go so deeping into the ear canal, any contact noise made by movements or wind - vibrations in the wire - get transferred to the speakers and amplified.  Personally he prefers the standard Apple earphones in terms of length and tanglability.

Matthijs is still waiting for Leo to cover the Money Printing Machine Leo has in his basement, but Leo may have to defer that in favour of a new pair of earphones designed for biking (from Tony Wang, sound editor of TWiT).

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