Daily Giz Wiz 560: VCR Plus

Episode 560 of the podcast

VCR Plus
Subject: Review of VCR Plus
Released:Friday 2 May 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: VCR Plus.

Detailed information

VCR Plus, started by Henry Yuen of Gemstar, was a system of codes for recording individual TV programmes on your VCR.  Each programme had its own code, so that you could just enter the code into the VCRPlus-supported VCR machine or remote control, and your VCR would start recording the appropriate channel at the right time.  Watch this TV commercial from 1987.

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Audible Jingle

Geoff Smith has made an "Audible Pick of the Week" jingle for TWiT.  Check out his ringtones on thegeoffsmith.com/.

Keyboard Cleaning

Mike of Eagle River, Alaska took Leo's advice to heart and put his keyboard into the dishwasher, let it dry for a few days, and even put it in the oven.  The result upon reconnection?  Sparks flew.

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