Daily Giz Wiz 561: Monster Cable Cable-It

Episode 561 of the podcast

Monster Cable Cable-It
Subject: Review of Monster Cable Cable-It
Released:Monday 5 May 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Organize that mess of cords and wires with the Monster Cable Cable-It.

Detailed information

Cable-It is Monster Cable's new cable management kit.  It's a coiled tube (with a slit down the length of the tube) which houses your cables, for your computer, electrical appliances or AV equipment.  Just put the ends of a group of cables into the hollow of the handle (also called a "Zipper"), attach the tubing to the handle, and pull the handle down the length of coiled tubing.  The tubing will then enclose the cables like a zip.

Cables can come out of the tubing easily via the slit to make their connections at different places along the tubing.  Available in 3 diameters to accommodate different numbers of cables.  Different lengths available too.  Come in black, white and grey.

If you missed Leo's live demonstration of Cable-It during the recording of the show on TWiTLive, you can watch a demonstration of how it works by Jeff MacArthur, Amber's brother, on Episode 130 of the CommandN podcast.

First Looks

Thanks to the amazing technology at the TWiTLive Studio, Dick can finally put a face to the name Dean, or Dave, or Dufus, aka Dane GoldenColleen too, but that's another face.  Dick is now scheduled to appear live on TWiTLive on 20 June 2008.

Leo-Branded Stability Ball

Leo is thinking of selling his own brand of the Gopher fitness ball (Episode 322), complete with his visage and autograph so everyone can sit on his face.  It will be called Leo's Butt Ball.

Mechanical Calculators

Girl Geek, whom Dick also calls Geek Girl and other names, who becomes who she is because she has a mother who would buy any crap that passes in front of her, writes in again.  One of the vintage gadgets her mother bought is the Addiator.  The picture below is from John Wolff's Web Museum.

This reminds Leo about the Comptometer, given to him by his father-in-law.  Leo promises to bring it in.  Variations of the Slide Rule.  John Wolff's Web Museum has it too.

Dick can't remember any of these old gadgts.  All he can remember is the old Punch Board, which Leo calls legalised gambling.

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