Daily Giz Wiz 562: Litepanels Micro Light

Episode 562 of the podcast

Litepanels Micro Light
Subject: Review of Litepanels Micro Light
Released:Tuesday 6 May 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Leo turns the tables and knocks down the fourth wall, lighting it all up with the Litepanels Micro Light.

Detailed information

TTTT could be mistaken for TWiP.  This is another photography-related gadget from Leo.  Litepanels specialises in LED lighting for photography, videography and cinematography.  The Micro is their latest product, even smaller than the Litepanels Mini, designed for use with your camcorder.
It has a dimmer to control the amount of light, and even when dimmed, maintains constant colour temperature, at 5600K.  It comes with a Tungsten filter (3200K), a diffusion filter and a ¼ warming filter.  The power draw is only 3W and it runs on 4 AA batteries.

What a Gaffer

Leo has got Pat Grosswendt of Litepanels, gaffer for Gosford Park, to set up the lighting for the TWiT Studio.


Alessandro Abate who grew up in Venezuela writes in about dial phones, last talked about in Episode 540.  He says you can still get a dial phone, like the Ericofon, on eBay.  Dick suggests getting the Big Button from Radio Shack.  Learn all about the Ericofon on Ericofon.com.

Leo tells the story again of how Steve Wozniak has a big black Western Electric dial phone with the guts of a cellphone, last mentioned in Episode 287, in which a listener pointed out that Leo broke a promise about getting Woz on.

And between Alessandro abate, Girl Geek, and Karen Toast Conger, they've got the Letters section of DGW cornered.

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