Daily Giz Wiz 586: Plane Clean Air Filter

Episode 586 of the podcast

Plane Clean Air Filter
Subject: Review of Plane Clean Air Filter
Released:Monday 9 June 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Blow better air in you face when you fly with the Plane Clean Air Filter.

Detailed information

Today's gadget is the WTHII mystery gadget for May 2008.  It's not a CD washer, a flying saucer or a suction cup for the ceiling, as Leo guessed.  It is the Plane Clean Air Filter.  You attach it to the air nozzle above you on the aeroplane and you get your own personal air filter.

It claims to remove 99.5% of the all airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens, which are also blocked off by the air stream.  For the price, you get air filters for 10 flights and you can buy refills.

Dick's Boat on Law And Order

As previously reported, Dick's boat will appear in an episode of Law And Order: Criminal Intent sometime in June, all covered in a big top.  Read about it on Dick's website.  Its previous film appearance, on Pride and Glory starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, has yet to be seen on the big screen, as the film has been put off to a 2009 release date.

Watch DGW Live

Leo reminds everyone that you can watch the recording sessions of DGW, and Dick's clutter, every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Pacific time.

Don't forget either that Dick is joining Leo at the TWiTLive Studio on 20 June 2008.

Dash Express

Dick dashed into Robert Currie, President of Dash Express (Episode 572) and got a ride from him, and more.  Robert Currie explained in more details how the Dash Express works in collating its sources of traffic information.  Leo did too but why would Dick listen to him?

Amazon has a Father's Day special offer for the Dash Express.  $100 off.

Still Connected

Wally H's Connectix Quickcam (Episode 580) is still connected, which he uses as a networked security camera.

Mad Minute

No Mad Minute again today.  Has Leo run out?

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