Daily Giz Wiz 599: CastGrabber

Episode 599 of the podcast

Subject: Review of CastGrabber
Released:Thursday 26 June 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0599.mp3 (8.5 MB)

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Short info

Download podcasts directly to almost any MP3 player with Castgrabber.

Detailed information

The CastGrabber is an ethernet-enabled dock which downloads your favourite podcasts straight on to your USB MP3 Player, without connecting the player directly to a PC, after some initial configuration - although the CastGrabber itself still needs to be connected to your PC.

Connect the CastGrabber to AC power and to a router (using the AC adapter and ethernet cable provided).   The CastGrabber will check for its latest updated software after which it will display a solid green LED light.  Connect your MP3 Player to the back of the dock using the USB cable that comes with your music player.  An introductory CastGrabber Podcast is downloaded to the player, whose "song title" is your registration key.  On your computer, go to the CastGrabber website to register your player using the registration key and to open your own account/profile.

To download podcast for iPods, just subscribe to podcasts on iTunes, and sync your iPod with iTunes.  In future, as soon as you connect the iPod to the CastGrabber, your podcasts will be downloaded directly to the iPod.

For other MP3 Players, you can subscribe to podcasts on the CastGrabber website.

If you want the CastGrabber to sync your MP3 Player (including iPods) with your music library on the PC,  you need to download extra software (PC only) from their website.  Automatic synchronisation will take place once the music player is connected to the CastGrabber.

After synchronisation, you can disconnect the MP3 Player by pressing the "Eject" button on the CastGrabber.  When connected, the MP3 Player will also be charged through the CastGrabber.

The CastGrabber does not work with Macs, the iPod Touch, the iPhone, Mac-formatted iPods, or the Sony PSP.

Podcast Statistics

According to Dick, 17,000 podcasts come out each week, but if you don't want one done by Leo, there is a choice of about 3.  Leo's mum doesn't listen to any of Leo's netcasts, although Mrs Laporte Senior has watched one of his todcasts.

Leo's Brain Tonic

Leo has been drinking his brain tonic, which may account for lack of clarity in recent episodes.  Dick has a slogan for the stuff, "The dumber you are, the better we taste."

Another Thursday Theme

Dick thinks that Dan Lueders has done a Thursday theme for DGW, although it's been misplaced at the moment (which seems to happen more often than not with Dan's emails).  On the other hand, it may be the "Disclaimer" theme which Dan talked about during GizWizLive.

PalmPilot Professional

At Dick's invitation in Episode 590, Steve Miller, a gadget hound himself and regular correspondent (Episodes 279, 376, 459, 499), writes in to tell Dick that he still has his PalmPilot Professional, and when he got it out of his own Gadget Warehouse, put in new batteries, it still worked.


Dick says, "I'll be there," for GizWizLive, and Episode 600, filmed during GizWizLive, should be available as a video download, if Leo keeps his word.

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