Daily Giz Wiz 627: DLO Jam Jacket and the Ped3

Episode 627 of the podcast

DLO Jam Jacket and the Ped3
Subject: Review of DLO Jam Jacket and the Ped3
Released:Tuesday 5 August 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Hold, carry, and display your iPhone better with the DLO Jam Jacket and the Ped3.

Detailed information

The Jam Jacket made by DLO is a silicone case made for the iPhone.  It has non-slip grips by the sides for safe handling, reinforced corners, and a "cleat" with special slits on the back for "cord management".  Comes in 4 colours: black, white, blue and pink.


Rotating Stand for iPhone
Link: thoughtout.biz
More from Under the Desk

Leo must be clearing the clutter from under his desk, and gives us a second gadget for TTTT.  The PED3 is a rotating stand made of steel for the iPhone (or iPod Touch, the model for which is PED3-T), holding the device by 6 fingers or clips.  Ideal for keeping your iPhone on the desk, or on the tray in front of you during a flght.  Mike Talmadge of thoughtout.biz also makes dock stands for other iPods.

Download Old Shows

Ludwik Trammer comes to Leo's rescue by sending him an email.  Ludwik has helped some listeners download old episodes of DGW, without having to click on every single link, or putting in the correct links (see Episode 613).  However, it doesn involve installing a download manager, and the downloaded files do not show up as podcasts in iTunes.  Another listener Larry Hudson has come up with the idea of an RSS Feed for all episodes of DGW, and Ludwik has executed the idea.  Go to his Tools section on GizWizSearch for the "Download Old Shows" Feed, or directly to the Feedburner page.  Subscribe to it via iTunes.

Dick used to think Ludwik is 14.  Now Dick has got a little closer and thinks he's 19.  For all the wonders Ludwik has done for DGW, go to GizWizSearch.

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