Daily Giz Wiz 626: The Brookstone Photo Frame Speakers

Episode 626 of the podcast

The Brookstone Photo Frame Speakers
Subject: Review of The Brookstone Photo Frame Speakers
Released:Monday 4 August 2008
Length:about 26 minutes
Download file:dgw0626.mp3 (11.9 MB)

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Short info

Enjoy music, videos and netcasts with the USB-connected Brookstone Photo Frame Speakers.

Detailed information

These photo frames from Brookstone plug into your laptop via USB, displaying 4" x 6" pictures (physical prints, not digital photos), and double up as a nice pair of speakers for your laptop.

Days Off

Leo's weekend is packed with recording podcasts, and his day off is Monday.  Dick also works over the weekend and takes Thursday off.  Dick will be taking the Circle Line Boat Tour to see the Waterfalls, the latest public art intallations in New York (see Episode 591).  Dick missed the last art installation at Rickefeller Center, a 65-foot tall erector set of a model building, called "What My Dad Gave Me".

An Adventure for Dane

Dane is going to visit Dick in New York, with a tour of the Mad Office, and probably a job interview with GizWiz Productions.

Eye-Fi Adapter for CF

Andrew40, Brad Bisner and Shaun Bridgany have all written in about SD to CF adapters.  Leo was bemoaning the fact that he couldn't use the Eye-Fi Explore (Episode 608) because his DSLR used Compact Flash instead of SD, and they wonder if the Eye-Fi will work inside these converters.  Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective confirms from the chatroom that it does.  In fact Amazon offers the Eye-Fi card bundled with a SD to CF adapter.

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