Daily Giz Wiz 630: Motorola Cell Phone MP3 Player

Episode 630 of the podcast

Motorola Cell Phone MP3 Player
Subject: Review of Motorola Cell Phone MP3 Player
Released:Friday 8 August 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Motorola Cell Phone MP3 Player.

Detailed information

The Motorola Cellphone MP3 Player received an innovation award at CES 2002, before cellphones had built-in MP3 players.  It was an add-on or accessory for selected models of Motorola phones, with an SD card slot and it came with a 32MB SD card.  The music would stop if a call came in for the cellphone.

This gadget was actually covered on a previous Warehouse Friday (Episode 380).  The only other gadget featured twice on the show was the HydraBrush (Episodes 226 and 480).

A Death and A Resurrection

The New York Times reported on the "funeral" party at Hachette, a publisher which finally decided to stop making audio books on cassette tapes.  At the same time, however, vinyl record sales have jumped.

A Mixer for Podcasting

Jacob writes to Dick for Leo's recommendation for a 3-mic mixer for amateur podcasting.  Leo uses the Mackie Onyx-1620, but suggests the Behringer Podcastudio Firewire, a reasonably priced podcast kit, even though it has only 2-mic input.  Available from ZZounds.

Podcasting Pioneers and Distant Cousins

Podcasting started in September 2004, by applying RSS feeds to downloadable content.  Leo started to offer his radio show as podcasts in October 2004 and was among the first podcasters, such as Podfather Adam Curry, Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles and Doug Kaye of IT Conversations.  Dick, as we all know, started in February 2006 with the Daily Giz Wiz, a podcasting cousin twice removed.

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