Daily Giz Wiz 631: Cobra F300 BLuetooth Handset

Episode 631 of the podcast

Cobra F300 BLuetooth Handset
Subject: Review of Cobra F300 BLuetooth Handset
Released:Monday 11 August 2008
Length:about 25 minutes
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Short info

Out on the boat, pair your cell phone with the waterproof, heavy-duty microphone speaker Cobra F300 Bluetooth Handset.

Detailed information

Link: Cobra

Cobra's MR F300 is a bluetooth handset designed for use on boats where there is a lot of ambient noise.  It pairs with your cellphone and produces loud and clear audio through its powerful speakers, with a noise-cancelling microphone which is enabled by pressing the PTT button (push to talk).  It's also waterproof for 30 minutes under 1 meter deep water.

Old Movies

Listen to Dick and Leo talk about Highway Patrol starring Broderick Crawford, and Plan 9 From Outer Space directed by Ed Wood (which they referred to back in Episode 176, when talking about The Amazing Criswell).

Make Your Own Ringtones

Dick was about to read again Shane Gibson's letter about making ringtones from DGW jingles (Episode 629), when he realised he had read the letter.  Leo suggests audiko.net for helping you make your own ringtones.

Pure White Noise

Regular correspondent Jim Levine thought he and his wife were the only people who couldn't sleep without the noise of the air-conditioner on, until he heard Dick (see especially Episode 559, the Marsona Sound Machine, although Dick has mentioned this habit of his in Episode 445 and most recently in Episode 612).  Jim found a CD which plays air-conditioning white noise, from Pure White Noise.

Eye Fi Explore

Leo has bought the Eye Fi Explore (Episode 608), just in time for his summer break at the Gray Eagle Lodge.

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