Daily Giz Wiz 657: Etymotic Research HF2 Hands-Free Earphones

Episode 657 of the podcast

Etymotic Research HF2 Hands-Free Earphones
Subject: Review of Etymotic Research HF2 Hands-Free Earphones
Released:Tuesday 16 September 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Upgrade your iPhone sound with the Etymotic Research HF2 Hands-Free Earphones.

Detailed information

From Etymotic Research, the HF2 is a set of earbuds for the iPhone with a wired remote for playback and other controls for the iPhone, and a built-in microphone for talking on a call.  The 3-flanged earbuds ensure a high level of noise isolation and high fidelity for your music.  Leo is fond of Etymotic's earphones, and has previously covered the ER-4p in Episode 142.

The Telemegaphone

Tanya Wyman (via Twitter) thinks that the recent public art installation project in Dale, Norway - the Telemegaphone - is just the thing for Dick and Leo.  It stands at 7 metres tall atop the Bergskletten Mountain with 3 cone loudspeakers.  Dial the given telephone number and your voice will be projected across the fjord, the valley and the village of Dale down the mountain.  The project ended on 6 September, when the deer season started.

Dale is the same village that the famous brand of Norwegian knitwear "Dale of Norway" takes its name from.

At the opening ceremony, there was a performance of the "Telemegaphone Concerto", composed and performed for the event by Brooklyn-based "soundscapes artist" Bora Yoon, broadcast through the Telemegaphone.  You can listen to the performance here.

The Scandinavians seem to have a soft spot for writing and performing music in nature's setting.  Finnish composer Kalevi Aho's Symphony No.12 was written and designed for performance on the slopes of Mount Luosto in the Finnish Lapland, with the main orchestra in the valley, the chamber orchestra half way up the mountain, and other instruments and vocal soloists dotted around the audience.

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