Daily Giz Wiz 767: C Crane's Geo Bulb

Episode 767 of the podcast

C Crane's Geo Bulb
Subject: Review of C Crane's Geo Bulb
Released:Tuesday 17 February 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Save tons of energy with the 8 watt, 10-year, LED C Crane's GeoBulb.

Detailed information

The CCrane Vivid Series LED Lights on a previous TTTT (Episode 277) are more suitable for low-lighting environments.  These new LED Light Bulbs, called GeoBulbs, from CCrane are much brighter and can be used as direct replacements for conventional screw-on incandescent light bulbs.  The wattage is only 7.5W which, depending on the colour (Cool White, Soft White and Warm White), gives the equivalent of a 60W, 50W and 40W incandescent light respectively, and in the process, saves a large amount of energy and electricity.  Like the compact fluorescent, it does not work with dimmers.  Unlike the compact fluorescent, it does not contain mercury.

The life expectancy of an incandescent light is 1,000 hours, that of a compact fluorescent 2,500 hours, and that of the GeoBulb, 30,000 hours.  Each GeoBulb is covered by a 3-year warranty.  See the comparative table of costs on the CCrane website.

Cracked Glory

Toyota Boy (Jayzee) comments on the unfairness of Cracked (which many thought was just a copycat of Mad and is now wholly online) poking fun at the more deserving magazine MAD over its recent setback.  Dick can see the irony that Mad has in the past done satire pieces on other failing companies such as Sharper Image and Circuit City.  The other irony is that Cracked was once owned by Dick's favourite magazine Weekly World News.  He is comforted, though, by the fact that he and Larry Siegel of Mad were once described in a National Lampoon piece as people who understood what satire was.

Running for Podcast of the Year

Dick wants to remind Leo of getting the Daily Giz Wiz nominated for podcast of the year award.  Leo will put it forward in the humour category, but Dick reckons they can win the "podcast by a man with a big moustache with another man on the other coast seated on a blue ball" category.  Leo asks to be reminded in August.

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