Daily Giz Wiz 766: Verilux CleanWave Pocket Sanitizing Wand

Episode 766 of the podcast

Verilux CleanWave Pocket Sanitizing Wand
Subject: Review of Verilux CleanWave Pocket Sanitizing Wand
Released:Monday 16 February 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

Clean up your space with the mobile Verilux CleanWave Pocket Sanitizing Wand.

Detailed information

Dick has covered 2 previous Verilux products: the Full Spectrum Book Light (Episode 51) and the Rise and Shine Bedside Lamp Alarm Clock (Episode 88).  True to the Latin roots of its name, Verilux continues with the "light" theme, this time ultraviolet light.  The CleanWave≈ Pocket Wand uses UV-C to disinfect surfaces by killing germs and bacteria.  Press the big round button on the handle to release the wand and the ultraviolet rays, which emit downwards.  On the underside of the handle is another switch which turns on a built-in flashlight located at one end of the handle.  The Pocket Wand uses a rechargeable battery and comes with an AC charger.

According to the product manual, UV-A are the tanning rays, UV-B are the rays that give you sunburn, and UV-C are the germicidal rays, which at the same time are cancer-causing.  Care must be taken that you do not expose your skin or eyes to the UV-C rays emitted from the Wand.  A few safety measures come with the design of the Wand.  (1) A sensor is built into the Wand so that if the Wand is tilted upwards, the Wand will turn off the UV emission.  (2) The UV light itself is invisible to the human eye, but a blue light will come on when the UV Wand is on (as a reminder that there are UV emissions).  (3) In case you forget to turn off the Wand, it will also turn itself off after 3 minutes' operation.

You can use it on your bedding, diaper bag, keyboard, and other surfaces.  Just don't try shining the UV rays on yourself, and don't try any of the Harry Potter spells on it, like Aloha mora.

Pride And Glory Review

Dick got to see Pride And Glory over the weekend, and describes the scene in which his previous pride and glory, his houseboat, appears, complete with the famous fibre optic Christmas tree.  For Dick's account of how he came by the fibre optic tree, see Episodes 460 and 461, and more recently, the Christmas Day Special, Episode 729.

Part of You've Got Mail was also shot at the same marina.

Everything You Don't Need To Know About Dane Golden ...

... but which you might like to know, can be found on the TWiT Wiki page Dane Facts: The TrueDane.  Leo started the page, inspired by Chuck Norris Facts.

A Knuckle Handshake

The Pocket Wand is ideal for germophobes, such as Howie Mandel, who shakes hands by bumping fists (see most recently Episode 476).  Leo does it by nose-rubbing.

A Generous Offer

Kevin Selle thanks Dick and Leo for generating traffic to his website and podcast Weather Brains in Episode 746.  In return he might send 2½ listeners along to the Daily Giz Wiz.

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