Daily Giz Wiz 780: Line Minder

Episode 780 of the podcast

Line Minder
Subject: Review of Line Minder
Released:Friday 6 March 2009
Length:about 21 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Line Minder

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The LineMinder, from around 1990, was made by a company called LM Communications.  It was a call screening device, which when a call came in, a recorded message would ask the caller to key in a 4-digit code and only if the correct code was entered would your telephone ring.  Otherwise, the call would be blocked.

Here's Mad In Your Eye Again

Dick thought he had run out of his trade paperback Here's Mad In Your Eye, but he has just discovered a box of 50 of them hiding behind an old bike in Dick's Gadget Warehouse.  At the time of recording, 10 had been sold.  Act now, and buy at BuyMadStuff.  Watch this space, for Dick might one day unearth Jimmy Hoffa, or an arm and a leg of Bill Gaines in a Kodak film canister.  For the full story of Bill Gaines's ashes, listen again to Episode 680.

The Ten-Cent Plague

Today's Audible Pick is a suggestion by a listener Bill Holton.  It's David Hajdu's "The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare And How It Changed America", which covers some of the stories Dick tells from time to time on the Daily Giz Wiz about MAD's early history.  Get an account with Audible at audible.com/gizwiz.

Dane Golden of TWiT has found a link to an episode of the On The Media Podcast by NPR, in which the author David Hajdu was interviewed about the book.  During the podcast, clips were played of Bill Gaines's evidence at one of the Senate subcommittee hearings on juvenile delinquency and comic books.  You can access the podcast or read the transcript of the podcast here.

For the full transcripts of the 1954 Senate Subcommittee hearings, go to thecomicbooks.com.  For the transcript of the evidence of Bill Gaines in particular, click here.

For a previous account from Dick of how MAD turned into a comic magazine, go back to Episode 76.

Irving Berlin et al v E. C. Publications

One of the episodes of PBS's series on comedy, Make 'Em Laugh, covers the lawsuit started by Irving Berlin and other songwriters against Mad Magazine, in which they sued Mad for infringing copyright by publishing song parodiesFrank Jacobs of Mad was responsible for some of the lyrics.  One of the songs by Irving Berlin was "Blue Skies", turned into "Blue Cross" by Frank Jacobs.  Another song was "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody".  See Episode 71.  The p3 Blog has a good summary of the lawsuit.

Another Pick

Another listener, Doug from Stanhope, New Jersey, who wrote back in Episode 300, has suggested another Audible Book to read: Spycraft, about the CIA's gadgetry.

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