Daily Giz Wiz 784: Moshi Alarm Clock

Episode 784 of the podcast

Moshi Alarm Clock
Subject: Review of Moshi Alarm Clock
Released:Thursday 12 March 2009
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Speak to your Moshi Alarm Clock and it will do your bidding.

Detailed information

Link: Moshi Lifestyle

The Moshi IVR (Interactive Voice Responsive) Alarm Clock takes voice commands from you to set the time, set the alarm, choose the alarm, tell you the time, and put on the night light.  In case Moshi gets incalcitrant in refusing to recognise your voice commands, there are buttons at the back to change your settings manually.  Available at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Nero Fettled While Rome Burned

Leo is in fine fettle;  Dick is in medium fine fettle; Nero fettled while Rome burned, and Dick fiddles with the Moshi all this time.

Those Days Are Dead Gone

No matter how obscure a Warehouse gadget might be, there's always someone who has owned or used it before.  Kenneth Helchein was a photography major at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  He managed to get hold of a Sony CV-2000 (Episode 770) from the school, and lugged the video camera and portable deck up and down flights of steps, down the subway, walked blocks and blocks to his grandmother (born in 1892, an emigre from Russia) to record stories from her earlier days.  "Those days are dead gone!' said Grandma, and all that gear for nothing.

Moshi's Revenge

Dick wouldn't let go of the Moshi, and finally got it to accept his command to set the time.  Leo cheered, and kicked his screen to oblivion.  Moshi's revenge.

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