Daily Giz Wiz 785: Pop Shots

Episode 785 of the podcast

Pop Shots
Subject: Review of Pop Shots
Released:Friday 13 March 2009
Length:about 19 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Pop Shots

Detailed information

Picture this.  A one-time use Polaroid instant camera.  The Pop Shots camera from the late 1990's gave you 10 instant shots (using Captiva film).  Although it was disposable, you were encouraged to send the camera body back to Polaroid using the mail envelope that came with the purchase of the camera.  Dick has not just one, but two of them, one in its unopened packaging, which might still fetch $200, or less.

Wait For Dick

Another gadget delivery for Dick during the recording.  Leo is ready with the jingle, twice over.  It's from SuperAlert, which Dick will talk about on Monday.

Schlage LiNK at TWiT

Dick has sent a Schlage LiNK (Episode 768) Leo's way, which Leo will install at the TWiT Cottage.  Leo has taken over the last remaining part of the TWiT Cottage and there will be a guest room available for Dick next time he visits.

The Power Behind

Leo might start selling the TWiT Set.  There's nothing in it except for the power behind it.

A Neverlate Round the World Trip

When Frederick Baronet heard about the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock (Episode 761), he knew it was for him.  With its coverage coming from New York and California, Frederick ordering it from the UK, to be shipped to his holiday home in France, where he would pick it up and take it with him to Beijing where he works, the country where the clock was probably made in the first place, the Neverlate has done a truly international circuit.

More Match Game Memories

Dick will do his Match Game Memories (or Moments) again, and Leo will channel Dick through TWiTLive.  It's likely to be on a Sunday evening after the recording of TWiT itself, 29 March 2009.

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