Daily Giz Wiz 83: Kingston Data Traveler

Episode 83 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Kingston Data Traveler
Released:Wednesday 14 June 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0083.mp3 (6 MB)

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Short info

Not just any USB drive, the Kingston Data Traveler II Plus lets you bring your desktop with you via the included Migo Software $30-220

Detailed information

A USB2 thumb drive with a choice of capacities, loaded with Migo Software that stores your computer data and settings, such as Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and screensaver, so that you can travel with them.  It leaves nothing on the host computer.  When you return to your own PC, Migo automatically synchronises your work to keep your versions current.

More about the CompUSA HDD Enclosure Debacle

A listener wrote in to say how, despite having been an IT guy for 20 years, it had never occured to him to have an external hdd for data recovery, and how he had learned from Dick in Episode 67.

Gameshow Marathon

Leo talks about a new show the Game Show Marathon on CBS hosted by Ricki Lake, with celebrities playing all the classic game shows such as The Price Is Right, Let's Make A Deal, and the Match Game.  Dick has been approached to talk on another show on the Game Show Network, a documentary on the Match Game.

Call For Help on Google Video

Episodes of Call For Help will be available on Google Video for 99 cents.

Panther Vision

Dick was on Call For Help talking about Panther Vision products (Episode 79), and Leo translated for him again.

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