Daily Giz Wiz 872: iPhone 3GS

Episode 872 of the podcast

iPhone 3GS
Subject: Review of iPhone 3GS
Released:Tuesday 14 July 2009
Length:about 27 minutes
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Short info

Find your phone, find your way with the compass, and shoot video of your adventure with the iPhone 3GS.

Detailed information

Leo was tempted to buy the Palm Pre (Episode 862), but after Apple announced the features on the latest iteration of the iPhone, Leo got the iPhone 3GS instead.  It has a faster processor and hence the "S" suffix for speed.  In addition to the GPS which already existed in the iPhone 3G, the 3GS has a compass (as on the Android G1 in Episode 686) which in due course will enable more applications based on the magnetometer, e.g. like the Layar browser on Android.  The Find Me feature on the Mobile Me service will help you locate your phone based on its network connectivity.  The Kill Switch can remotely erase all your personal data on the phone via the internet in case you have lost the phone.

The auto-focus camera is now 3 megapixel, with the ability to change the focus after you tap a particular point on the LCD display, which also adjusts the white balance and exposure.  It's now capable of capturing video (640 x 480), with software to do simple editing or trimming on the phone itself.

Some of the other more commonly requested features, such as "copy and paste", MMS and tethering, have finally found their way into the iPhone 3GS.  Multitasking, however, is still restricted.

Video Trimming on the iPhone 3GS

Leo has tried the video trimming function oh his new iPhone 3GS, and it works for him.  Here's Apple's demo video:

[play video]

Scott-E-Vest Wardrobe in a Tom Bihn Bag

For his China Tour and MacMania 9 Geek Cruise, Leo has packed an almost exclusively Scottevest wardrobe, in his new Tom Bihn Tri-Star (see Episode 865) which, it is hoped, Leo will cover on a TTTT.  Right now, Leo has finished the trip in China and should be in Japan on the Costa Classica.  Follow his AudioBoos, and view Leo's gallery on Smugmug.

Ed McMahon Dies

Ed McMahon, whose appearance in the Johnny Carson Show is often the subject of reminiscence on the Daily Giz Wiz, passed away on 23 June 2009, aged 86.

Another Cheesy Infomercial

Jayzee, better known as Toyota Boy, notes that cheesy infomercials have often been the subject of conversation on the show, and has recently seen a really cheesy one.  It's the Comfort Wipe, a toilet paper extension arm and holder.  The original infomercial can be seen on YouTube, but perhaps a more interesting version is a spoof of it shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live, featuring President Obama, also available on YouTube.

Bidets Rule Supreme

Alex Lindsay is much enamoured with the bidets in Japan which wash your behind (and some even blow-dry you), and offer choices of water-jet speeds and temperatures, and temperature-controlled seats.  They are available in the US and Alex has bought one for his family.  An extreme example is the Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 with Remote that leaves nothing to the imagination, but there are more reasonably-priced toilet add-ons on Amazon for your more basic comforts.

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