Daily Giz Wiz 871: Tactical Light For Life

Episode 871 of the podcast

Tactical Light For Life
Subject: Review of Tactical Light For Life
Released:Monday 13 July 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0871.mp3 (9.4 MB)

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Short info

Shine on with the ultracapacitor-powered Tactical Light For Life.

Detailed information

After Leo's TTTT Coleman Flashcell Screwdriver (Episode 782) comes another product using ultracapacitors for charging.  The Light For Life UC3.400 is a flashlight with 3 LEDs.  Just under one foot long and weighing 1 pound, it uses an ultracapacitor charging station for charging which takes all of 90 seconds.  A full charge can last for over 120 minutes (running at 90 lumens for 90 minutes, 25 lumens for 30 minutes and cycling down to 15 lumens for another 30 minutes).  With the LEDs rated to last for 50,000 hours and the rechargeable battery capable of up to 50,000 charging cycles, the Light for Life has a rugged body to match the longevity of the other main components and essentially no parts to replace - hence the name.  Made of durable polymer, the flashlight's body is resistant to impact, abrasion and water, and perfect for use by law enforcement agencies.

Leo Conducts

Leo was at the Skywalker Ranch watching an orchestra record the score for the PS3 game Uncharted 2 (Episode 864).  He picked up a few tricks of the trade from the conductor.  Watch him conduct the Daily Giz Wiz Monday Theme (video clip from odtv.me):

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Flashlight Stats

In Episode 843, Dick wondered aloud how many flashlights had been covered in the Daily Giz Wiz.  Ludwik Trammer of GizWizSearch was paying attention, and with a flick of his fingers (more like a click of the mouse), Ludwik has come up with the statistics.  There had been 15 flashlights (now 16), 61 gadgets that emitted light as their main functionality, 13 of which using LEDs.

GizWizSearch Features

This type of information is in fact available to all DGW listeners.  All DGW gadgets have been tagged on GizWizSearch, now being done by Alfred Chan of InsideDGW (but for a period of time by another listener Ryan Waterer who shares the credit).  Click a tag on the home page and, with Ludwik's coding, you can see all the gadgets with that tag; or you can just type in a tag in the search box.  To see all the tags, click on "More Tags" on the home page, with the more frequently appearing tags displayed in larger fonts.  If you want to find more detailed info from the InsideDGW Show Notes, click the "Advanced Search" to the right of the search box and tick the appropriate option.

Dick's Next Visit to TWiT Cottage

Before recording this episode, Dick and Leo chat about Leo's new Obama wrist-watch, more instant coffee from WO and Dick's visit to TWiT Cottage for Episode 900.  As usual, video clip from odtv.me:

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