Daily Giz Wiz 617: Apple iPhone

Episode 617 of the podcast

Apple iPhone
Subject: Review of Apple iPhone
Released:Tuesday 22 July 2008
Length:about 23 minutes
Download file:dgw0617.mp3 (10.4 MB)

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Short info

After his 24-hour marathon special, Leo reviews the new iPhone 3G with App Store and GPS.

Detailed information

No one except Leo believed that he would be able to hold off buying the new iPhone 3G for long, and true to form, by Saturday he had got himself a white-back 16GB iPhone 3G.  The main new hardware features includes 3G and GPS, and improved speakers.  There is no 3G coverage in Petaluma for Leo, and there are no turn-by-turn directions for the GPS.  According to Leo, what makes the new iPhone is the version 2 software, and the new App Store.

Leo talks about some of the new apps, including the iPhone app from Omnifocus, the Enigmo game, Aqua Forest, location-based Loopt, Pandora, and AOL Radio.

But still no voice dialing, and no cut and paste.

TWiTLive Viewership

Since Leo's coverage of the iPhone 3G launch, viewership of TWiTLive has gone up about 30%.

DGW in Order

Opher Banarie finally figures out how to listen to his DGW in the correct order (earliest first) on his new iPod (see Episode 609).  From the Main Menu, select Podcasts, scroll to DGW, and just press the centre button.

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