Daily Giz Wiz 884: LG's enV3

Episode 884 of the podcast

LG's enV3
Subject: Review of LG's enV3
Released:Thursday 30 July 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Verizon is now offering LG's enV3 mobile phone.

Detailed information

The third iteration of the LG enV (version one in Episode 219), the enV 3 is available in the US at Verizon.  This time it has a 2.6" internal LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels), a 3 MP camera (stills and video), a qwerty keyboard, a microSD card slot, and supports bluetooth stereo.  Plays music and video.  The headphone jack remains a 2.5mm jack, though.  Comes in Slate Blue and Maroon.
The Wine Train for DickDick is booked for a visit to Petaluma for Episode 900, and for the Napa Valley Wine Train, which Leo hasn't been on yet.  Dick is looking forward to the train, while Leo is looking forward to the wine.


Chris Van Amburg writes in to tell Dick that while Leo was away in China, he was elected President of the Internet by Tech Republic.  The election featured as candidates Leo, Molly Wood, Marc Andreessen and Jason Calacanis.  A last-minute dash pushed Molly Wood to 31% of the votes, second to Leo's 41% (3773 votes).  Leo has named his cabinet, which makes hilarious reading.  Leo asks Dick to be Secretary of Fun, but forgot to include the post in the final line-up.  In celebration of his inauguration, Leo dons a crown for the occasion.

Podcast of the YearLeo promises to have the Daily Giz Wiz nominated for Podcast of the Year, in one of the categories at Blog World Expo.  Please remind Leo when the time comes for nomination.

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