Daily Giz Wiz 127: Plusdeck2c

Episode 127 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Plusdeck2c
Released:Tuesday 15 August 2006
Length:about 11 minutes
Download file:dgw0127.mp3 (4.8 MB)

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Short info

It's Turn The Tables Tuesday. This week, from the Plusdeck 2c - a cassette deck for your PC. This cassette deck fit into any full height drive bay and includes a daughter board that uses one of your rear slot opening on your case (but not a PCI slot). The included software controls the cassette player and automates the process of turning your cassettes into WAV or MP3 files. It's what Leo is using to convert the MAD Minutes into audio files for the show. He says it works great! $78.95 from Geeks.com.

Detailed information

A suggestion from a listener for digitising the Mad Minutes, the PlusDeck2c is a 5.25" IDE device that fits into your PC.  It requires a free 5.25" bay, a free PCI slot, and a serial port.  It's a bit techy to instal.  It comes with software which controls the playing and recording of the cassette tapes, into mp3 or wav files.  The cheapest Dick and Leo can find, thanks to another listener Devin, is at Geeks.com.

Mad Minutes

Leo says "I'll be here.", and for the first time, a Mad Minute is played at the end of the show.  This Mad Minute is the contest celebrating the first Mad Minute of their second year, entries deadline May 31, 1912.

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