Daily Giz Wiz 129: NASCAR Race Clock

Episode 129 of the podcast

NASCAR Race Clock
Subject: Review of NASCAR Race Clock
Released:Thursday 17 August 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

Hear the mighty roar of the engines with the NASCAR race clocks featuring 12 different, authentic sounds recorded live at the cars’ respective racing team garage.

Detailed information

Wall clocks with the sound of NASCAR Races.  Each clock has a different sound.  Light sensors make sure that the sound doesn't get played when it gets dark.

Leo's NASCAR Shirt

Leo once had a NASCAR No.20 shirt and pretended to be a Tony Stewart fan.  Dick is not very pleased with the way Leo disposed of the shirt.

DGW Audience Number in NY

Dick says it's 8 million.  Dick explains why.


Dick tells us about the Mad Magazine NASCAR model cars.

Good Days And Mad

Sadly Dick had to pay to use the Mad logo on his book.  You can get Dick's book on Amazon, or make a donation to Animal Haven, send Dick an electronic copy of the receipt and receive an autographed copy of the book from Dick.

Mad Minute

Alfred E Neuman lost the election by a landslide.  Listen to Alfred's campaign platform.

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