Daily Giz Wiz 155: Forever Ribbons

Episode 155 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Forever Ribbons
Released:Friday 22 September 2006
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Another dud from the Gadget Warehouse. Would you pay $10 for a gift ribbon that could record 10 seconds of sound? No one else would either.

Detailed information

Record a 10 seconds message on this ribbon for your gift.  The Forever Ribbon was introduced in the year when Ken and Barbie broke up (12 February 2004).  At least that's how Dick remembers the year.  The break-up must have deeply affected Dick.

Did you know?

Podcasts started in 2004 when Dave Weiner and Adam Curry altered the RSS technology to accommodate audio.

Cool Packs

14-year-old Alexander, a high school student and an HO-scale railroader (whereas Dick is G-scale), says Jansport (Episode 136) is not the cool backpack, but LL. Bean is.

Old Clothing Again

Brian Bradie from Colorado State University says he too leaves old clothing behind on trips.  Leo says enough of this.  Brian also says tell Leo to stop making those silly sound effects of his.

New Female Guest Host for Call For Help

Leo has found a new guest host, but Leo is not saying who.

Calling For Sara Fowler

Dick has lost touch with Sara Fowler of the Mad Minutes, and Leo wants to get her on the podcast.

Mad Minute

A repeat of Motel Records.

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